Brooke Candy

American rapper/vocalist/internet personality Brooke Candy grew up in the greater Los Angeles area where she developed an early love of fashion, music, and sharing her artistic statements on various Internet avenues such as her enormously popular Tumblr.

Candy’s musical career began with an outlandishly stylized video for her late-2012 banger Das Me. By that point, she was far better known for her cameo appearance in the much further reaching video by Grimes for her hit single Genesis. Candy still grew a considerable cult following for her own work, which tended towards hyper-sexual and highly explicit songs presented in colorful videos.

Her blunt, irreverent sound was inspired in part by ’90s rapper Li’l Kim, as well as her time spent as a stripper. Candy made a guest appearance on Charli XCX‘s 2012 single Cloud Aura, and dropped her own Opulence EP in 2014.


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