Rolling Stone Magazine has their eye on this writer, performer, and producer, naming  Lookas one of the Top Ten Acts to Watch.  Miami-based producer Lookas makes unrelentingly heavy, big-field-ready electronic trap that burbles and churns, designed to make eardrums bleed.

As a teen, he convinced his parents to let him postpone college for a year to focus solely on music: Things took off with a spin on DVBBS and Borgeous‘ track Tsunami, which he remixed with fellow Miamian HLTR$KLTR. The rework notched some 100,000 plays in two days, despite Lookas’ mere 500 follower count at the time.

After a few months’ break to retool  and write most of a concept album, (!) — Lookas returned with Game Over, a collab track with fellow producer CrankDat. Just when festival folks thought their faces couldn’t melt off any faster, Lookas created what might be a new breed of heavy metal trap. Propelled by pal Louis Martinee‘s crunching, death-influenced guitars and CrankDat’s massive drops, the track has racked up more than 730,000 plays on SoundCloud in about three weeks.

Lookas credits Miami’s sketchy all-ages party circuit for pushing him into producing his own material. “There was [one club] where they would throw events and I would go there and get ripped off by the promoters. I would go there and DJ for like 1,000 kids and not get paid,” he says, “so I told myself I would stop playing these gigs and getting ripped off, and spending some time writing music.”


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