Quinten van den Berg was born in Den Helder in 1985. He would later be known as Quintino.

Growing up in a musical family, Quintino was blessed with talent and a broad musical influence. He did not limit himself to exploring only specific music genres. He would listen and learn from many different styles and artists. There was never much of a struggle about what his future occupation would be.

Quintino started as a DJ in his father’s club at the age of 15, and was instantly hooked to the profession. While playing in a club at the age of 18, he was discovered by house mastermind Laidback Luke. The DJ was so impressed with Quintino’s ability behind the turntables, that he decided to take the young artist under his wing.

After a year of working in sales to pay the bills, Quintino quit his day job to concentrate fully on creating music. Quintino mixed the first NIP Compilation CD Volume I, which was a huge success and reached the Dutch top 5 album charts.  In 2014, he was named No. 86 in the Top 100 DJs list put out by DJ Magazine.

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