The story of Tigertown doesn’t play out like any other ordinary band. They weren’t high school friends who bonded over the love of music and started covering their favourite punk tunes in their parents’ garage, nor did they meet in the club over a glow stick and a love of beats. Instead, the bond these five musicians share runs much deeper than most, for they don’t shake each other off at the end of a tour and head into a focused slumber with their respective loved ones. These five are family – try to keep up – co-lead vocalist Charlie and drummer Kurt are siblings as are co-lead vocalist Chris, bassist Elodie and key-player Alexi, but bringing the families together is the marriage between the united front of Chris and Charlie.

It’s safe to say this marriage of songwriters is the main catalyst within Tigertown. When Chris and Charlie first showed each other initial tracks of what would eventually become their debut, self-titled EP, it was perfectly evident – especially in songs like the effervescent Go Now – that this was going to quickly become a life-long love affair in music. Initial sessions, with the two families combining forces, naturally occurred and Tigertown, by name and nature, was born. A second EP – Before The Morning – quickly followed and spawned two singles,  Lions & Witches and the beloved radio-hit Morning Has Finally Come, extending the songwriters’ muscle even further than before.

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