Friday Feelz – Brunswick

Fall is here, but we’re all just getting used to it. Or is that just me? The trees are starting to turn orange, but they’re mostly green, a Brunswick Green. The weather is colder, the air more brisk. School is back in session, and for me, that meant a LOT of great new music. I also cheated and added Tyco’s entire new album, Epoch, at the end. Because I think the entire album is incredible and worth a listen through.


Lost Kings – Phone Down  ft. Emily Warren

Crywolf – Quantum Immortality

Le Couleur – L’Amour le Jour

Chet Porter – Stay (feat. Chelsea Cutler)

EXES – Dear, Home

Rain Man – Bring Back The Summer (feat. Oly)

Lemaitre – Closer ft. Jennie A.

Wicked – GRiZ (ft. Eric Krasno)

SiDizen King – One Day (Prod by Confessions)

Tycho – Epoch


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