Alex From Best Behavior Unplugged and Totally Uncut

Compared to other rock bands, a crowd notorious for its outsize egos, Best Behavior’s sense of brotherhood might seem too good to be true. Hailing from Brooklyn, songwriter and guitarist Alex Gruenburg, Jon Mann (guitar) Dan Jacobson (bass), and Chris Jimenez (drums), crash together with the kind of swagger that would be hard to fabricate. Alex is an eclectic, taking cues from the classics of surf rock, hip hop, and Britpop. Taken all together, their music chronicles something like a New Yorker’s fantasy about L.A – catchy dance-meets-garage-pop melodies reminiscent of cinematic palm trees and sunsets. #nofilter, but everyone knows the view’s a little too pretty to be real. Absorbed in their early morning reverie, the band is always evolving.

Best Behavior’s debut album, Good Luck Bad Karma, is the soundtrack to the kind of Friday night that starts with a shot of whiskey (no chaser) and ends with slices at dawn. Not an unremarkable evening by any means, but with their latest string of singles, they’re headed somewhere new. It’s still a party, but it’s moved outdoors, with flashes of synth, neon lights, and spiked lemonade. It’s Phil Spector for the digital age: the wall of strings has been replaced by a barrage of beats, bells, and xylophones.

With Best Behavior, life imitates art. The party they sing about is the party they seem to ignite. A little something for the strange children of the world. With each wave of sound, you find yourself spirited away. The scene disappears, and you feel as though you have your thumb on the pulse of the night. You’re caught and conquered on a sticky ballroom floor. And still, all the way home, you’ll blink out the hypnotic rhythm of rock ‘n’ roll, readying yourself for where their party will take you next.

 Listen to “Alex From Best Behavior” on Spreaker.

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