Joyzu Unplugged and Totally Uncut

Joyzu formed of Quinton Pope & Carson Willms prove that true grit and
uncompromised tenacity when it comes to creating music will progress their future bass sound into the ever changing landscape of dance music. Their combined passion for music and versatile expression as performers broadcasts their undeniable talent, and presents them as an unmissable act for 2017.

This commanding talent has lead to the new release of their single ‘Running’ via TBM (Armada records) on January 5th, along with several other originals and remixes planned for the year. 2017 is unstoppable when it comes to Joyzu, they are re-writing the book and shattering conventions of proving-grounds as the ones to watch. ‘Hear you Say ft. Olivia Reid’ now stacks over half a million streams on Spotify alone, along with inclusion in DJ Reggies 2016 Tomorrowland compilation mix and was most recently featured on The Martin Garrix Show. This alongside stunning performances at festivals such as SnowGlobe and other appearances with choice DJs like Liquid stranger, NERO, Sex Panther and Krewella certainly shows again they have the spine to only move forward progressing from strength to strength.

With plans for extensive performances across N. America, S. America, Canada, and Mexico already in motion, there’s no glass ceiling with how far Joyzu will take their sound and show. They are cementing their name into 2017, so you better remember it.

 Listen to “Joyzu Take Over” on Spreaker.

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