Miss Krystle Unplugged and Totally Uncut

Arizona pop artist, Miss Krystle, plays on the darker side of summer songs, remaking the 1984 smash hit “Cruel Sumer” by Bananrama, and we love the result! The perfect way to close-out summer 2016, the new single highlights our favorite parts of the original song, including the stacked female chorus, staying true to the melody and overall energy. Bringing the song into mainstream pop today, the production (by That Orko ) incorporates a variety of vocal pitches, stutters, and other ear candy treats! Following the release of her Cruel Summer (Bananarama / The Karate Kid remake) last week, Miss Krystle follows up with an unusually sexy music video, not only transforming Miss Krystle into a car mechanic, but also making watermelon look sexy as hell! The new music video highlights some throwback moments from the original music video, and introduces some fun and creative new concepts. Following up the recent release of her Woman In Motion album last month, which was added to 62 radio stations across the U.S., holding debut spot at #2 in Wisconsin, the summer may be close to over, but things are just heating up for Miss Krystle!


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