Russia’s Rebel Beat

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Rebel Beat was founded in 2013 by Stan and Fiddler. Style of the band clearly reflects musical taste of its members (System of a Down, Deftones, Rage against the Machine, Andrey Gubin, RHCP, ?????????), that can be easily heard on the debut EP “Nice to be Changed” (2014).

Since then, Rebels began to perform at different venues and stages. By 2015, in addition to the EP debut, the band released about 5 singles, a full video version of the single presentation, as well as a official video for the single “Push it on Press”. “Rebel Beat” name conceals the identity and independence of the band, as well as the explosive power of music.

The new album “Steel Dust” is produced by Jack Russell.

Fiddler – vocals, MC, lyrics
Stan – guitar, vocals
Serge – Guitar
s’Paver – bass
Vaddy – drums, percussion

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