UMXY Unplugged and Totally Uncut

Hailing from Saskatchewan, Canada, UMXY is the amalgamation of two artists: Ursa Maja x Yoast. The duo recently released their debut 6-song Connecting Flights EP. Full of dogmatic themes and fresh sounds, Connecting Flights is essentially a musical expression of the Millenial Condition, and is sure to resonate strongly with any who are passionate about truth—no matter how beautiful or how ugly that truth may be. As a solo artist, Ursa Maja has released several projects, and contributes raw and imaginative lyricism to each and every song. Yoast is an up-and-coming producer who works tirelessly to find and combine new sounds for his unique beats. As UMXY, the duo aspires to push the boundaries of hip hop music with their refreshingly authentic style.


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