Wolf Hoffmann Unplugged and Totally Uncut

Wolf Hoffmann is the musician and the pivotal figure in the band Accept, whereas he generates the music and plays the guitar. He truly believes in his band and devoutly loves his work. If you ever attended Accept live show, you’ve seen it all yourself…
But besides heavy metal, the guitarist adores the classical music. Every once in a while Hoffmann weaves some immortal classical fragments into Accept songs and he does it with a grand style. But that is not enough for him. In 1999 he recorded his debut instrumental solo album called «Classical», which fully consisted of classical stuff, played in Accept sound: groovy riffs and mind blowing guitar solos. The only Author’s piece was «Western Sky». Some of the album tracks were occasionally played by Wolf during Accept shows as a solo performance.
The second Wolf Hoffmann’s solo album is made in the same tone as the previous one. The musician recorded 11 classical tracks, originated by Beethoven, Mussorgsky, Bizet, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Puccini, Massenet and Bach. The only fundamental difference between «Headbangers Symphony» and «Classical» is this time Mr. Hoffmann involved the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. And this had made it possible the album to sound monumentally, luxuriously and spaciously. It’s natural that before Wolf Hoffmann many have tried to combine heavy metal and the classics. Some of them succeeded, some are not. But in case of Wolf Hoffmann, this works perfect. That’s because he plays exactly what he has passion for. There is no hypocrisy in his «Headbangers Symphony».
/Translation from Russian – Andrey Golovkin/

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