Alan Walker’s Tour

Being invited to the festival stage is a great way to reach out to new followers but Alan Walker still loves to be on those solo tours. It’s always been about the fans and followers. Being in the clubs allows him to perform up close and personal. His latest ... Read More »

November 10, 2017

Alan Walker

British-Norwegian EDM producer Alan Walker was a mere 18 years old when his track, Faded, became a massive European hit, topping the charts in ten countries and entering the Top Five in six more. Born August 24, 1997 in Northampton, England to a Norwegian mother and British father, Walker moved ... Read More »

February 06, 2017 0


Enigmatic masked DJ/producer Marshmello makes groove-oriented, synth- and bass-heavy electronic dance music. In the spirit of other masked DJs like Deadmau5 and Daft Punk,  Marshmello’s real name remains a mystery.  He appears on stage wearing a full-head-covering marshmallow mask. Despite the anonymity, his career blew up in 2015 when he began releasing ... Read More »

January 31, 2017 0


Quinten van den Berg was born in Den Helder in 1985. He would later be known as Quintino. Growing up in a musical family, Quintino was blessed with talent and a broad musical influence. He did not limit himself to exploring only specific music genres. He would listen and learn ... Read More »

January 26, 2017 0

Gabry Venus Unplugged and Totally Uncut

His art is crafting the mixes that ignite the dance floor. To get there means more than spinning music live. Gabry Venus gets beneath the waves and brings forward the rhythms inside his Italian recording studio. His music is featured all over the world. Plus he hosts his own ... Read More »

January 05, 2017 0