Locating a brilliant name for your stage performance is one thing. But what if someone’s already using it? Do you challenge them to a best band wins or formulate a different plan to gain quicker access to your beats and lyrics? NRVS LVRS chose the way of unique branding. ... Read More »

July 11, 2017 0

Broken Door

Broken Door is a Swedish musical pop / rock duo made up of Pier Schmid and Tobias Östlund. The duo who had both studied music met in late 2006 for a possible cooperation. Pier Schmid had a number of hits earlier and a long experience in jazz. He is the songwriter ... Read More »

February 01, 2017 0


The story of Tigertown doesn’t play out like any other ordinary band. They weren’t high school friends who bonded over the love of music and started covering their favourite punk tunes in their parents’ garage, nor did they meet in the club over a glow stick and a love ... Read More »

February 01, 2017 0

Sweden’s YoYo XNO Unplugged and Totally Uncut

I love it when musicians get together and share the connections between what is and isn’t. More importantly how a song suddenly appears as a bit of a riff then evolves into a piece of sound that invites the passerby to participate. When you get with YoYo they continue ... Read More »

December 31, 2016 0