Cassandra Michaels Unplugged and Totally Uncut

With talent that was once discovered in a closet at a Christian school in small Midwestern town,Cassandra Michaels’ world is so much more lively, passionate, dignified, and virtually amazing since she decided to step outside of her comfort zone to truly embrace herself. Once known to her 200,000 plus fan base as an adorable pop princess, Cassandra is now coming into her truth as she matures along with her music, style, and audience.

She’s always had the talent, as her songs were a thoughtful reflection of her youthful existence. With hergirl-next-door innocence she was able to capture the hearts of those seeking pop perfection. With a new project on the horizon, Cassandra is no longer thinking; she is living. While the music is still pop, the feeling is now imperfection, truth, sensuality, boldness, and everything else that defines the essence of womanhood.

Working with the likes of producers Tommy Brown, Ryan Tedder, Michael Foster, and songwriter.Njomza, Cassandra is ready to take her place on the throne amongst music’s royalty. While artists like Banks, The Weeknd, and Tove Lo resonate with Cassandra, she is very much her own artist. As she so eloquently stated, “The music is darker and grittier. That was important to me because I’m not some sweet little girl that can be walked over and I couldn’t be more opposite. I’m a force to be reckoned with. I don’t just hope for things to happen, I make them happen. I’m all in.”

With Cassandra being “all in,” fans old and new will begin to not only hear her heart, but they will also feel her soul. While the songs are still very much pop records they are of another universe compared to her older material. Passion and truth now serve as her creative canvass. Her new song “Drive” serves as the poptastic yet classic cruising down the PCH anthem. Mimicking Cassandra’s personality, it’s cool,carefree, and clever. “Toxic” is the anti-romantic feel good groove with an edge. “Let’s Go “is that killer club song that forces you to lose control and do exactly as the song suggests.

Just as Cassandra has learned to let go, take more risks, and just live, her music has also come to life in a way that breathes liberation. Singer/Songwriter still illuminates from her spirit, passion has always been her persona, and the girl-next-door is now the fearless femme fatale. These elements combined with the unwavering support of an A-List team have placed Ms. Michaels on a path toward perfect imperfection.

Ever since she made the leap to live her life on stage, her fans have always witnessed the pop princess.

Now it’s time for the world to know Cassandra Michaels.

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